Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The numbers of touchpoints through which customers can interact with businesses and channels companies can use to engage their target audiences went over the roof lately. The complexity of customer interactions increased and so did customer expectations. That, in turn, pushed customer relationship management to a whole new level, forcing businesses to either step up their game or fail.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

In a nutshell, Customer Relationship Management, or a CRM, is a piece of technology used to manage client interactions and streamline business processes to improve customer acquisition, conversion and retention. CRM systems compile, attribute and transform multi-channel customer data into single source of truth to deliver personalised customer service and insight-driven marketing campaign automations.

Why should I care about Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Bore your customers with a generic message and they will turn their heads towards your competitors even if you have a superior product. Personalisation is no luxury, it’s a necessity. To acquire, convert and retain customers you need to send the right message, at the right time, through their preferred channel, addressing their needs, motivations and stress points of whichever part of the customer journey they are at.

How can I improve my Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Every customer interaction is a new piece you add to the puzzle and a step closer to building a picture of who your customers are and what they need. Sitting on the data won’t put you in the lead without putting that data in good use first. Segment your target audiences, build buyer personas, enable lead scoring, automate your marketing efforts and measure their effectiveness to start with. Then start over, analyse the results and improve things again.