Website Usability Audit

A website that talks about a product is better than no website. A website that shows your product is better than the one that just talks about it. But a website that lets your customers experience your product is the one that will help you acquire them. Whichever line of business you’re in, your website is the one thing you really want to get right as it is in the centre of all your marketing activities.

What is a Website Usability Audit?

In a nutshell, you want your website to look good and work well. Whether it’s a content management system (CMS), an ecommerce platform, a dynamic portal or an interactive web app, you want it to be appealing, engaging, inspiring, intuitive and usable. That’s what website design audit and optimisation is all about – making sure that your website is fit for purpose, competitive and tells the story of your brand.

Why should I care about Website Usability?

It’s not great if you lose a client after talking to them, but if you lose them before you even get a chance to talk to them because of a poor website is unacceptable. Your website is at the centre of modern day marketing and the question is not if your customers will visit it but rather how many times they will come by. And when they do, will they see dynamic pages that adapt to their needs, interactive content that makes your products come to life, smart data capture forms that only ask the right questions, fun to use online apps that drive engagement… or just the same old plain static site that has nothing to die for?

How can I improve my Website Usability?

Make sure it works well across devices and browsers and there are no bugs, there’s nothing more off-putting than a website that doesn’t work properly. It only takes a split second for a web visitor to form a first impression about a site, so make sure yours packs a punch – grab attention quickly and don’t let go.